ITIL certification levels

Information Technology Infrastructure Library, commonly known as ITIL is asset of standards that sets the framework for IT practices and operations. This makes its certification very important as it certifies one to be in a capacity to develop and manage an effective IT system.  This has formed many peoples’ stepping stone to advance in their career. Once one has acquired the certification, they are highly sort after in the market. This demand has made many people seek to get the certification which involves going through a training program.

ITIL comes in different levels and one advance from one level to the other. The first level is the foundation certification. This is the basic level where the beginner gets to learn of the IT system and how it works. Normally, it will involve interaction with the IT service delivery and service support. After this level is done, one goes through a multiple choice exam. This is aimed at testing the understanding of the service systems and how they operate. The exam covers 13 modules and can be arranged by the ISEB and EXIN whose details can be found online.

The foundation level opens doors to the practitioner level. This is a more advanced level of training. Practitioner certification focuses on application and implementation of the Information Technology services. The crucial parts that must be covered at this stage are service management, customer communication and IT organization communication. IT control and support are also covered. This is a level that will always boost the operation of people serving as team leaders seeking to expand their knowledge.

The service manager certification level is the topmost level in itil certification. This is a level that fits best IT professionals who have a good experience and a good knowledge about their field. It is one of the certifications that can be quite difficult. Normally, it requires extensive learning and training before one can take the test. More to the learning, one needs to have a vast experience which is achieved through vigorous practices and exercises. The experience bit is very important when one is undertaking this level. This is mainly due to the fact that 60% of the certification is always based on practical implementation of the acquired skills and knowledge with only 40% focusing on the theory.

Each level passed enables you to go up the certification levels. This is a gradual process that may sometimes seem to be time consuming and even tedious. However, the benefits reaped from it when one is consistent on their attendance and practice is worth more than the hassle. ITIL4

Those who have secured big positions in major institutions solely because they have the certification can attest to this.  Provided one has the dedication and zeal to keep moving on, it can never prove to be a hard thing to achieve. Furthermore, many people have done it before so this should not be perceived to be the hardest nut to crack. Each level passed gives a motivation to go on to the next and you will eventually find your way to the top level.