Best Auto Repair Technologies In San Juan Capistrano

In spite of all the technology, cars are no strangers to repair and maintenance. They need a lot of tender loving care, so that means frequent visits to a repair shop. In spite of what others think, a visit to a repair shop is helpful even if your car isn’t showing signs of damage.

But did you know that auto repair San Juan Capistrano is doing things differently when it comes to car repair? Yes, they are incorporating technology to fixing cars and rightfully so. As cars become more technological advanced, you need the right tools to understand and fix their systems. Here are 4 of the best auto repair technologies in the industry.

  1. Aluminum Car Bodies

Technology doesn’t only come in fancy computers. In this case, technology comes in the form of a new type of material for cars. In the past, cars used to be made up of pure steel. Now, aluminum is starting to replace those steel which means that a new set of tools and equipment is required.

For those of you who didn’t know, aluminum used to be placed in high-end cars. But now, it is starting to be available even in middle-class cars. The impact of having aluminum on cars is that the car will become lighter. So, car manufacturers can make thicker car panels while still maintaining a lighter weight.

  1. Wireless Car Features

If wireless car features used to be available in luxury cars, now, most cars are starting to have at least a Bluetooth feature in their system. This means that car mechanics are now pushed to know about the technology side of creating a car. In fact, in San Juan Capistrano, mechanics are now starting to be called technicians. Aside from their skill in changing car parts and cranking some screws, auto repair shops are encouraged to have the knowledge of repairing more wireless features of cars.

For auto repair shops, this doesn’t just impact the skill required for their mechanics. This also means a new set of auto parts that need to be available. And in that process, you also need to add more computers to test out the cars’ systems.

  1. Computerized Diagnostics

And it’s not just the parts of the car that changed. Today, you can now diagnose a car by plugging in software. This is called on-board diagnostics or OBD which works by having specific codes for particular parts of a car. So when you plug it in your car’s dashboard, you’ll see in the monitor the automatic diagnosis being done. Think of it as a computer diagnostics. When you diagnose a computer for problems, it goes through the whole system and then gives you an error code pertaining to what part of the system has been damaged. The same logic applies to cars. A code will be shown on the screen that will tell your car technician about which part of the car has a problem.

  1. 3D Printing

Then there’s 3D printing. By far, 3D printing is taking up industries by storm. Even in the dental department, 3D printing has become a beneficial advancement where manufacturing of fixtures is done in less than an hour. This is also being done in car auto repair today. This works by using a computer to recreate a car part. This implies that you can customize the car part based on its style and size.

There are a lot of benefits of 3D printing. For one thing, harder to find parts no longer have to be sourced from different parts of the world. This makes it easier to supply car parts on demand. And just think about the time it saves to create car parts. If your car needs a part of it to be replaced immediately, you can now just wait for less than a day to get it fully fixed instead of the 1-3 weeks wait.

In spite of all the benefits of these four car repair technologies, there are still a lot of shops that are old school. However, that’s about to change especially if cars themselves are starting to become more advanced. The old ways now have to adapt to their customers’ demands. In line with that, manufacturers are starting to create more auto parts that will be available to the auto repair shops.